8 Reasons You Will Not Lose Weight Despite Your Efforts

Do you take care of your diet, exercise well, but still failing to lose weight? This can be frustrating, and there can be several reasons for it. In this post, I’ll be telling you eight reasons why you may not see weight loss on the scale despite exercise and healthy eating. 

“I am not losing weight despite sport or healthy eating.” Stay calm if that was you. Or if after exercising, your scale shows a few hundred grams less. Then on the next day, however, are they on again immediately. Firstly, you need to know that exercise and nutrition are essential, but not everything to effectively lose excess kilos. Why does weight loss not work? Here are our eight possible reasons:

1. You Are Not Consuming Enough Water

 Your body needs enough water to have healthy and active metabolism. However, if you drink too little fluid, your metabolism literally falls asleep, which makes it difficult for your body to burn fat. Losing weight doesn’t work.

Recommendation:  Drink at least two liters of water a day to get your metabolism going.

2. Not Getting Enough Sleep.

Some people believed that sleeping too much can cause you to gain too much weight. But ironically, less sleep can also hinder your weight loss ambition. If your body does not get enough sleep, it will be harder for you to maintain your exercise routine. Besides, when you lack sleep, your body releases appetizing hormones, which can lead to cravings.

Recommendation:  sleep a minimum of six hours a night. This will lead to the fact that you have enough energy for exercise, and the intense appetite will be absent.

3. Too Much Stress

Do you have stress at work and cannot really switch off at home? That, too, can cause problems with losing weight. When overstressed, your body releases the hormone cortisol, which frustrates fat loss but favors muscle breakdown. Two things you can’t use at all if you want to lose weight.

Recommendation:  consciously take time out to relax. A little yoga helps reduce stress and, at the same time, ensures fitness.

Yoga is a way to reduce stress and thus lose weight more quickly.

4. Not Eating Enough Food

This may come up surprising too, but even if you eat too little, your weight loss efforts may be frustrated. Eating inadequate food can cause your body to think that famine has occurred. It then protects your reserves in particular: the fat. That means your body will first get rid of other reserves. These are primarily the muscles.

Recommendation:  regular, healthy eating provides your body with enough energy and also helps you not to overeat yourself during a meal altogether.

5. Only Focusing on Endurance Sports/Workouts 

Endurance based sports and workouts are incredibly useful for fat loss, but strength training is also crucial for successful weight loss. With regular strength training, you strengthen your muscles and thus increase the caloric metabolic rate of your body. This stimulates your metabolism permanently, which in turn promotes fat loss.

The solution:  combine endurance and strength training to lose weight successfully. But as always, don’t overdo it, because sore muscles can mean that you can’t do any workout for several days, thereby reducing the efficiency.

6. You Overeat Healthy Food 

You have changed your entire diet and basically only eat healthy, low-fat foods, but you still can’t lose weight? This can be for one of the following reasons: You eat too many healthy foods. Or because you can “overeat” these foods.

Your body doesn’t know what to do with all the energy you put in it and decides just to put it on. This will soon be noticeable on your hips and other parts of the body.

You also have to keep an eye on calories when eating a healthy diet: just because you eat more fruits, vegetables, and whole-grain bread doesn’t mean that you can eat as much as you want. Bananas, avocado, and others also have calories that you have to add to your daily turnover if you’re going to lose weight successfully.

The solution:  portion your food and gently approach a change in diet. Also, make sure that you don’t eat too fast, but chew slowly. Otherwise, your body may not be able to tell you quickly that it is full.

7. You are Cheating Yourself

Let’s be honest. Adhering to a strict training and nutrition plan is not always easy. Of course, it is easy to find ways to lead yourself a little behind the light. For example, you often tend to reward yourself after a successful day of healthy eating and exercise. Rewards are, of course, essential and help us to go through a strict diet, but they should also be included in the diet plan. Otherwise, we cheat ourselves so much that we suddenly eat even more than usual without a diet.

8. You Have an Underactive Thyroid

Despite exercises and a healthy and strict diet, you do not lose weight? Then you may have an underactive thyroid. And that implies a slower metabolism, which means your body is running low. The result: you have difficulty losing weight or may even gain more weight.

The solution:  see a doctor and have your thyroid values ​​checked. If you really have an underactive thyroid, your doctor will also be able to advise you on losing weight. 

Final words

In the above article, we have listed eight most likely reasons you are failing to lose weight despite all your workout and strict diet efforts.

Which of the ideas apply to you? Let us know in the comment section. 

Written by Ella

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