5 Helpful Pointers to Make a Healthy Diet Plan

Make a Healthy Diet Plan

Health is true wealth, indeed. Those concerned about keeping good health always want to know what diet and set of exercises will suit them. With a little effort, these health-conscious people can create a healthy diet plan as per their taste and requirements. A balanced diet should comprise all the nutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and minerals) in the right amount. If you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, a healthy diet plan will be indispensable for you. Let us have a quick look over the pointers that you need to follow.

1. Kick-start Your Day with Warm Lemon Water and Honey

If you want to get rid of excess fat from your body, kick-start your day with warm lemon water and mix a tablespoonful of honey in it. This is the best thing you can have at the very beginning of the day. Warm lemon water is also helpful in flushing the toxins out of your body and can be taken by all. If you have arthritis or acute joint pains, you should have a few cloves of garlic along with it.

2. What is the important meal?

Always remember that skipping breakfast results in deteriorated health and increased weight. So, never commit the blunder of skipping breakfast. Make it the lightest and the healthiest meal of the day. You can choose any one food from below:

  • Freshly squeezed juice + a sandwich (use whole wheat bread only) stuffed with spinach, tomatoes, cucumber, coriander, etc.
  • A bowlful of oatmeal or porridge (mix a lot of berries, nuts, and skimmed milk).
  • Fresh fruits (eating fresh fruits on an empty stomach is highly recommended). If you are obese and want to reduce weight, you should avoid carbohydrates and take only fresh fruits for breakfast.

3. Avoid Saturated Fats Strictly in the Lunch

Saturated fats wreak absolute havoc on your health. So, it is better to avoid them. Do not go for a lot of butter and cream. Try taking your breakfast at 7 am and lunch at midnight. It would help if you considered having the following at lunch.

  • Pulses (unpolished ones are better)
  • Two loaves of bread or chapattis
  • A bowlful of sprouted beans
  • A lot of salad (tomatoes, cucumber, cabbage)

4. Take Healthy Snacks in the Supper

All the obese people are advised to take healthy snacks all through the day. Avoid taking coffee or tea at supper and take a glassful of milk or freshly squeezed juice in supper. Along with it, take a bowlful of nuts or cereals like popcorns, etc.

5. Keep Dinner Not Less Than 2 Hours Before Sleeping

Though the dinner components may be the same as lunch, always remember to take your dinner at least two hours before you go to bed. Avoid eating fat-rich curries and spicy food, and too many carbohydrates.

Points to Remember:

  • To take the optimum benefit of eating fresh fruits, you should take them on an empty stomach. Never try to take them along with or after the meals.
  • Artificial spices and colors are bad for health. Try to dress your food with natural herbs and spices (lemon, vinegar, etc. )
  • Include many dietary fibers ( whole grains, vegetables, nuts, berries, etc. ). This will keep your digestive tract healthy and increase your metabolic rate.
  • Incorporate green leafy vegetables in your daily meals. They are a must-have part of any healthy diet plan.


We have shown you five important pointers to create a healthy diet plan for yourself and your loved ones. If you apply these little tweaks, your health life will be of envy to the people around you. Take them seriously, and you will be glad you did so. 

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