3 Best Health Advices Doctors Are Not Telling Right

3 Best Health Advice Doctors Are Not Telling Right

Do we overcomplicate health advice or not explain it well enough? Doctors are often charged with handing out health information, but is the information always that good?

The fact is that most doctors are not trained to hand out advice, and they often make the language of their advice too complex or do not explain themselves at all. They like to show off their professional side and often use complicated terms when explaining a concept or giving advice.

Many doctors also don’t seem to have the time for advice; you are lucky to get two or three words out of your doctor when it comes to advise.


Exercise More

Our doctors would certainly like us to exercise more, but they seldom offer advice on how we should do it. The phrase “go to the gym” doesn’t mean a lot to most people.

Besides, gym memberships are expensive, and we don’t all enjoy exercising around other people. Asking a doctor for practical exercise advice is probably one of the most regretful things you can do.

To start to exercise, we should focus our attention downwards and look to our feet. The best form of exercise is always walking. The thing is that you don’t need to walk far to benefit from this simplest form of exercise.

If you can’t manage a dedicated walking exercise every day, you can probably manage three 10 minute intervals. This will burn just as many calories as walking continuously for 30 minutes.

Walk at a good pace, and you will burn five calories every minute.

Walking also lowers our cholesterol levels. If you walk before a meal, you will help raise the HDL cholesterol level, which is the good one, with every step you take now. If your doctor would have told you that instead, you would have been more inclined to do some exercise.


Eat Right

Eating right for your energy needs is vital, but what does your doctor say? We are not always sure where to find all of the fat and sugar he or she is talking about. If your doctor took some time out to tell you that sugar is commonly found in breakfast cereal, juice, yogurt, and bread, you would be much more likely to know where to look first. That’s right – all of the food that you thought was healthy.

Fat is another huge problem. A lot of the fat that we come across today is probably hidden fat. We eat a lot of fast food and processed foods. While we can’t immediately see the fat, we know that the food may contain fat. Doctors have believed that red meat is full of fat, but this isn’t necessarily true.

Fat is often brought into our diet in cheese, spreads, and hidden in processed food. You would be better of eating fresh meat with lots of vegetables. This would reduce your fat consumption. And ditch the margarine – it just isn’t good for you. It is not a natural product, and butter is much better for you. Just eat it in the right quantity, which is 10 grams per day per person.

Sleep Better

Yes, the doctors like us to sleep more as well, but how do we do that? Lots of people are saying that they find sleeping more and more difficult. It is not a matter of popping a pill; it is more about creating the right sleep environment.

Did you know that your body needs fuel to sleep? It would help if you never went to bed hungry as this will only guarantee a bad night’s sleep. Try to eat something like an oat biscuit, drink a glass of milk or chamomile tea. All of these will help your body produce tryptophan, an amino acid essential for good sleep.

Dejunking the bedroom is a good idea as well. Do you need that TV in your bedroom? People that have a TV in their bedrooms sleep worse and complain more about tiredness during the day. It is also a good idea to leave all mobile devices in the other room. Ask yourself if you actually need to take your phone to bed with you. The glow from your Kindle will stimulate your brain, so you will find it more difficult to sleep. Bring a paper book to bed, and leave the Kindle in the handbag for break time at work.



These are three pieces of health advice that all have the power to change our lives for the better. Better health does not need to be complicated. It just needs to be explained in clear and simple language.

Written by Ella

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